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The steady cadence of a bass beat reverberated through Morgan Abbey’s chest, feeling as if it originated within her very being instead of the house in front of her. House was actually an understatement. Morgan lived in a house—a three bedroom ranch with temperamental air conditioning and a roof past its prime. The sprawling brick building before her with its manicured lawn and expertly designed landscaping definitely fit into Morgan’s idea of a mansion.

To her left stood her best friend, Clarissa Perry—better known as Ris. Even in the darkness, Morgan could see a broad grin stretched across Ris’s face and she knew there would be no convincing her to turn around and go home.

As if feeling her friend’s gaze on her, Ris turned to Morgan. “Can you believe it? It only took almost four years of high school, but we’re finally at a party.”

“Don’t be so dramatic. We’ve been to parties before.”

Ris rolled her eyes. “Anything involving ice cream or board games doesn’t count.”

Not allowing Morgan to organize a retort, Ris grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward the front door. Tripping slightly as they started moving, Morgan quickly managed to regain her balance. The strappy heels on her feet were on loan from Ris, who insisted Morgan couldn’t attend a party in flip-flops.

Ris and Morgan made their way up to the front door and stood there for a moment—should they knock?—before Ris pushed the door open and entered the house.

The music was oppressively loud, and Morgan felt almost as though she had to physically fight past it to enter the house. But then she was in and the music was no longer smothering; instead, it seemed to at once become a part of her, to course through her veins, to welcome her. And it was a good thing it did, because no one else seemed interested in doing so.

The foyer was brightly lit, yet the people who stood in it seemed somehow wrapped in shadow. Most stood in tight-knit groups; all held large red plastic cups in their hands. Ris pushed her way through the foyer and Morgan did her best to keep up. Already she was doubting the wisdom of their having come here.

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